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Neue Version der API - TYPO3 Extension

Freitag, Februar 17th, 2017

Die neue Version speichert nun die Daten in der TYPO Datenbank. Der Import der Daten kann im TYPO3 Scheduler (manuell oder cron) angestoßen werden.

Demo ansehen


Mittwoch, März 12th, 2014

Lange hat es gedauert, aber seit heute nun sind endlich meine neuen Seiten online.

TYPO3 BootStrap Template

Samstag, November 9th, 2013

T3Touch Junebug Special - Spare jetzt 75%

Mittwoch, Juni 5th, 2013

Junebug Special - Spare jetzt 75%

Neues TYPO3 Mobile Website Template

Donnerstag, Mai 9th, 2013

BetaVersion der TYPO3 Mobile Extension sieht nun auf dem iPad richtig gut aus!

Mittwoch, Januar 18th, 2012

Bislang wirkte die Darstellung auf dem iPad noch recht plump, dies hat sich aber in der neuen Beta Version mächtig geändert.

Webseite T3Touch-2.0.5


Dienstag, Juni 1st, 2010


Freitag, Oktober 2nd, 2009

Ich habe eben den SyntaxHighLighter von Alex Gorbatchev eingebunden. Man bindet lediglich die dazugehörigen Scripte in die Seite ein und platziert seine Codes in einem <pre class=”brush: php;”>.

< ?php


* PHPoem 

* Work Efficiency Agent 


* @author Kasper Skårhøj 


// Set environment:

$wifeStatus=”Not home this week”;



// Initialize settings




// Check conditions



$weekdays = explode(”,”, “monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday”);

foreach ($weekdays as $day) {

  // New morning:

  echo “Talk to God first, Kasper.”;

  if ($HTTP_GET_VARS[”statement”]==”I’ll do that later”) {

     echo “OK, that’s your choise, 

     but you know how important that is.”;



  // Check environment during morning

  if (missWife()==true) 

     echo “You cannot see her yet. Must wait to end of week.”;

  if (sunShinesAndWhetherIsGreat(”outside”)) 

     echo “You are not on holiday yet!”;


  // Require resources

  $food = mysql_query(”

   SELECT FROM refridgerator 

   WHERE eatable AND expiredate NOT < ".time()." 

   LIMIT 1");

   if (mysql_num_rows($food)) {

      consumeIt ("10 minutes max");


      callPizzaDelivery("4: Margarita", "+gorgonzola");


   // Check physical body state


   if(handsHurtingDueToUseOfKeyboard()==true) {



   // Checking overflow

   if (! willThisEverEnd("?")){

   if (maxExecutionTimeNotSet()) 

      die("Fatal error: Could not complete your request.");


   // Set clockradio 3 hours from current time


} // end day

// I haven't implemented this function yet. 

// It should fit in somewhere above, but I couldn't find time to do it.

// Maybe thats the key to the solution?

function takeTimeOf() {

  echo "

     Call a friend, go to the parks or rollerskate down to the harbour. 

     Don't forget to surprise your wife today, you know she loves it! 

     Be her servant, Kasper! 

     Did you open your Bible today? 

     Did you put this day in the hands of Jesus?




* If you have any comments, find any bugs 

* or have suggestions to changes, please email me.

* Maybe you have struggled with scripts like this yourself?



von: Kasper’s Korner

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